Integrated Management System in Merrid Controls is based on sustainable development and quarantees achivement of Company’s Mission, which is service of engineering design, software eleboration, assembling and acttivating of industrial automatics and IT systems along with service according to Clients’ quality requirements  as well as with prowiding infomation security and promoting occupational safety and health also applicable legal requirements accomplishment.

Quality superior goal is continued service with Clients reuirements accomplishment as well as applicable legal requirements.

Information security superior goal is providing secure and confidentiality, availability and integrity of data processing in realtion to business.

OSH superior goal is incidents prevention and risk minimizing with staff participation and promoting occupational safety and health.

During achieving Goals Merrid Controls still improves Ineterated Management System which includes Quality Management System (PN-EN ISO 9001:2015), Information Security Management System (PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017-06) and Occupational safety and health Management System (PN-ISO 45001:2018).

Implemented system includes all forms of assets which are in hold: paper, electronic and equipment.

All Merrid Controls team members are responsible and should apply, process and share the Integrated Management System Policy due to it’s implementation and in order to fulfill the quality goals and activities completely.

01.06.2021  President of the Board | Hubert Ladrowski

Integrated Management Policy is executed by following actions:

  1. Strengthening the busiess market position as well as efficiency and competitivness enhancing through delivering to Clients comprehensive and innovative automation and IT solutions.
  2. Development of effective service for implemented automation and IT systems adhering to information security and occupational safety and health.
  3. Enhancing service quality level and Clients service.
  4. Monitoring of feedback from Clinets to fulfill their requirements and expectations.
  5. Ensuring of confidentiality and integrity for information, including personal data, with authorized access.
  6. Information assets protection and strenghtening trust of Clinets and other interested parties regarding information security throught risk management.
  7. Steady monitoring of information security and taking actions in case of information security threats and infraction.
  8. Prevention of accidents at work, work-related illnesses and potentially risky incidents through systematic threats identification, risk control and reduction to accepted level.
  9. Improvement of stuff awareness and responsibility regarding occupational safety and health through creating culture of security and cooperation of all employees.
  10. Full openness regarding information about occupational safety and health state in the company. Keeping employees informed about occupational safety and health resultas, test results regarding harmful factors and effective communication.
  11. Enhancing level of the occupational safety and health using active dialogue with stuff, Clients and other interested parties.
  12. Systematic improvement of stuff qualifications and motivating by internal and external trainings and cerating awareness of ethical standards importance. Improving awareness and involvement of the stuff regarding service quality, information security and OSH.
  13. Using modern science and technology solutions as well as past experience in bussines
  14. Observing law requirements and other applicable requirements due to steady identification and impelmentation.
  15. Providing proper resources for Inetgarted Management System and optimal usage.

Company MERRID CONTROLS has implemented Integrated Management System which includes certificated since 2002 Quality Management System, since 2008 Information Security Management System and since 2010 Health and Safety Management System.

Integrated Management System includes the following areas: engineering design, software elaboration, activating and service of industrial automatics and IT systems.