MERRID CONTROLS specialise in IT systems and applications providing automation of logistic processes related to storage, trans-shipment and transporting of different liquid and mass products, using truck and railway traffic. This systems, which combines industry automation, IT and surveillance solutions, have the widest range of usage in liquid fuel branch.

The Merrid Controls’ original system SAMER®TAS supports fuel distribution and forwarding processes in biggest terminals and tank farms in Poland. Main functions of the system are control and monitoring of fuel trans-shipment, registering of loaded fuel amount, tank-truck traffic supervision, accounting system together with creating forwarding documents and transferring data to ERP system.  SAMER®TAS enables drivers self-service during the fuel loading and ensures documents electronic transfer, which shortens time of client service and gives uncluttered tank-truck traffic. Decreasing time of a single tank-truck service has a direct impact on the growth of the loading capabilities.

SAMER®NET system allows to integrate local  SAMER®TAS systems, operating in each fuel termianls, through additional software layer as a central forwarding system.  SAMER®NET system enables remote control and management of fuel terminals network. Basing on orders transferred from ERP system and data from forwarding systems of fuel shipping companies,  SAMER®NET system creates automatically loading plans for local SAMER®TAS systems. Product management and access to the reports are provided via internet.

System SEMPRe, developed for the RUCH S.A., supports press and magazines forwarding distribution processes to over 20 000 sales ponits. System SEMPRe controls the share of press, warehouse management and provides full set of trade documents – deliveries specifications and invoices.


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