As a complement of implemented or modernized automation and IT systems MERRID CONTROLS offers various surveillance systems. Usually they are integrated with systems as a support, occasionally are designed as a autonomic sytems to operate independently.

One of the industrial safety basis is to ensure appropriate access controls to defined production areas, technological installations and operating stands. For these tasks our company designes specialised access control systems, which operates using readers located in the factory area and adequate, proximity cards for authorised persons and vehicles.

Industrial plants and production process safety may be significantly improved by video surveillance. Designed by our company CCTV systems warrants monitoring of key areas and installations, also thanks to video analysis applications are able to recognize vehicle numbers and registration plates. This functionality (LPR – Licence Plate Recognition) is used mostly in forwarding and shipping management systems in truck and rail transport.

For fast and clear identification of vehicles, shipping containers or products, they are mared with RFID tags which are recognized with specialised readers with suitable range.

As a supplement for access control and CCTV systems MERRID CONTROLS also implementes dispatch communication systems (wire and cordless) in order to ensure the support and direct voice contact with management centre in important production and forwarding precess areas.