Main information

Grounding control device EKX-4, produced by TIMM Elektronik GmbH, is intended for controlled grounding of tank trucks, railway tank wagons, containers and barrels.

This is the new generation of grounding control devices for use in gas and combustible dust in hazardous areas, which since April 2013 superseded  previous devices type EKS-3, EKN-3, EKK-3 (version 230 V).

The new device EKX-4 is designed to carry out a controlled grounding connection to the object while loading fuel into tank trucks or railway tank wagons, containers or transport barrels.  It guarantees loading only in case of a sufficient low impedance grounding connetion to the object. As soon as a correct grounding is confirmed, the signal lights and the potential-free control outputs are switched over to release. If the grounding connection is interrupted, the device switches immediately back into the safe status.

The grounding control device EKX-4 complies with the requirements of the European Standard series EN 600079 and EN 61241 and as an electrical apparatus of equipment category II 2 G for use in potentially explosive areas of Zone 1 and as operating material of category II 2 D approved for use in Zone 21.



Features and improvements:

  • Only one grounding system required  for different applications. Functions ‘tank truck’ as well as ‘oil tank rail wagon’ programmable via internal selection switch. Additionally the range can be easily adjusted to the individual requirements at site.
  • Improved restriction against individual manipulation at the filling station.
  • Compiles with the latest EMC and ATEX Standards.
  • EKX-4  is also applicable to potential hazardous environments in presence of combustible dust.
  • Grounding cable with a lenght of up to 20 metres can be attached to our new grounding device EKX-4.
  • Constantly self-monitored redundant output-signals. One additional spare output-signal.
  • Namur-compatible EX I output-signal, which can be selected “static” or “dynamic”, to create a pulsing signal, if required.
  • Auto-diagnosis of all safety-related functions to provide error-proof reliability.
  • Bright multi-color LED-display to show functional status during filling as well as more displayable functionalities for quicker failure-diagnosis.
  • Higher resistance of grounding device case against aggressive environmental influences through special coating.


  • Cable rewinder typ KA
  • Insulated grounding clamp EZ-1
  • Grounding socket TW700
  • Oil resistant neoprene cable (2 x 1,5 mm2)
  • Oil resistant spiral cable 7,5-15 m lenght (EWK-22/16)