• Reliable detection of FIBC type C through advanced measuring technology (unique 2-clamp measuring principle)
  • Safe discharge of static electricity in accordance with relevant international standards for explosion protection
  • For all FIBC type C according to IEC 61340-4-4 (107 Ω and 108 Ω)
  • Permanent limit monitoring of electrostatic discharge and object detection
  • Status display on the device and optionally on the measuring box
  • Relay and NAMUR control outputs
  • Various diagnostic and setting options, diagnostic memory and optional data interface


  • Mounted stationary at filling and unloading stations for FIBC
  • In industrial filling processes with combustible materials in particle form
  • ATEX approval (zone 1/2 and 21/22)
  • Controlled discharge of static electricity
  • Immediate interruption of the filling process when unsafe earth connection occurs
  • Complies with all currently valid standards for the EMC and ATEX directive


  • Permanent self-monitoring that the maximum resistance values ​​in the discharge connection are not exceeded
  • Additional control output
  • Multi-colored, high-intensity LED display for visualising the operating status, for fault diagnosis or setting of the object recognition
  • Internal OLED-Display for fault diagnosis, setting of the object recognition and data interface
  • Extremely durable housing, especially resistant to chemicals and other environmental influences